PAMA Art Exhibition

PAMA Art Exhibition
"Diversity through Cultural Immersion"

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What is PAMA art exhibition?                         PAMA Art Exhibition is a project under the support of Multicultural Australia which aim to preserved, enrich and integrate the cultural identity of each migrant community through art expression and representation. This will enable the migrant community a journey of acceptance, productiveness, unity, peace which leads to nation building and progress. The Art Exhibition is open to general public from youth to elderly to participate as artist and viewers.

How to Enter?                                                    Online submission, go to PAMA website and complete the entry form. Email a photo of your paintings to submission: Finished art work to be delivered one week before the set exhibition date at a designated place with the completed entry form. Collection of Art work (after the exhibition).

For PAMA Art Exhibition Terms and Conditions please click this link: Terms and Conditions

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