Celebrate Philippines

As a
community project by the Ipswich City Council, the ‘Celebrate’
series of events is an authentic cultural journey aimed at highlighting the
various cultures in Ipswich and promoting acceptance within the
community. The objectives of the project are:

·Allows the community to learn about diverse
cultures of Ipswich

·Showcase culture through music, dance and food

·Support the multicultural community to connect with
Ipswich City
Council Libraries, highlighting these spaces as amazing community hubs filled
with opportunities for learning and connecting with others

The Council
approached the Philippines-Australia
Multicultural Association (PAMA) Inc. back in April if we were able to assist
in putting together the ‘Celebrate Philippines’ event. In spite of its busy
schedule of activities lined up for the year, PAMA did not hesitate to assist
the Council. It was a great opportunity for PAMA to work directly alongside the
Council in promoting the culture of the Philippines to the residents of Ipswich
and its surrounding areas.

With the
theme of “Share, Create and Taste”, ‘Celebrate Philippines’ will be
held on Saturday, 29th of June from 10 am – 1 pm in the Dandiiri Room at the
Nicholas Street Library.

your slot in this exciting community event is
required. We’ll See You There!